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All Conservative candidates will be invited.

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Help us restore America by ...
sending a truly conservative President to Washington
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Conservative Leadership Conference Des Moines, Iowa
July 29th to August 1st.

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After six (6) long and painful years of unbridled spending and liberal ideology; one thing is for certain, America doesn’t need more leftist beliefs and governance in the White House!

Another certainty is this; without ‘UNIFYING’ conservatives and grassroots patriots such as yourselves, we will not win the general election in 2016 for the Presidency! 

Registered voters numbers across America say; “for a Conservative to win the White House, we MUST UNIFY to make a victory happen”. 

Conservative Leadership Conference 2015 (CLC-2015) is the mechanism to achieve victory in 2016 for electing a ‘True Conservative’ to once again govern our great nation. 

Fox News super-star Sean Hannity described at the opening of this years CPAC 2015 convention exactly what needs to happen for us to achieve this victory. 

The above tab “Battle Plan” gives detailed information as to exactly how we as conservative grassroots patriots will unite the right, support our candidate to victory through funding and volunteerism all the way to victory in November of 2016.

ONCE THE CANDIDATES have officially announced, we will be posting their ‘Confirmations’ of joining us at this event. Many have already given ‘soft’ confirmations, but have asked us not to announce their intentions yet.

CLC-2015 does have some “surprise speakers” and we will be joined by many conservative super-stars who have already given us their commitments to join us at this event.

Make plans today to attend this event which is going to change the political landscape in America. NO MORE MODERATES IS OUR MANTRA AT CLC-2015!

Patriots; please schedule meetings between now and the event. Hold straw-polls within your local groups to decide “who” you want your leadership to support at this event. Remember; we are holding this event to nominate “one” candidate that grassroots America is going to support financially and with “boots on the ground”. Every patriot is going to have a voice in who our candidate is.

Through your support patriots; we can achieve victory and it begins with “CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2015”.

Please donate today and let’s all make this happen. For America and more particularly our children!